Sunday, 9 June 2013

09 June 2013

So this is my first blog post.
My name is Dionne Lynch. I have an Etsy shop called Five Owl Farm. It is not an actual farm, and the owls are my five kids.

I started sewing baby clothes with my first pregnancy and taught myself to knit from a book during my second. I started drawing charcoal portraits with my third; and so on....I'm kind of an " if you want it you should make it" kind of person, usually out of necessity...the necessity being "I 'm not paying that when I can make it cheaper" and " I don't like that, mine would be better".

People have, for years told me I should open a shop, and when my owls were small I seriously considered it. I had big plans for a children's shop full of hand made unique clothes and toys and d├ęcor.

 However, what with popping out five kids in seven years and an unravelled marriage and running a hobby farm it didn't happen. As a single mom  I  did pursue my art, somewhat and continued charcoal portraits, became a house painter and a tattoo artist... with a few other jobs and bartending on the side.... 

Now my youngest is 12. I no longer have a farm... my critters are limited to the kids and cats... I've developed hermitish ways and would rather be home than not. Enter Etsy... I love Etsy and have shopped there myself for ages.

 Time to see if the public admires my stuff as much as my friends and relations do...and well me...I like my stuff.....

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