Monday, 10 June 2013

Goats and Kids

The sun shone today, so it was a mowing day. I need some grazers, sheep or goats... if I had a goat I would have goat's milk, and that would be great...I read a book once, called "Never Kiss a Goat on the Lips" about this couple who raised goats on an obscure farm much like my tiny acreage...I've wanted to raise goats ever since.. just a few.. just girls as the males are smelly and sometimes violent...

When I am an old lady I will have a couple sheep and a goat or two.. maybe a few hens... my long hair will be grey and wild...I will be the tattooed farming hermit that the neighborhood children tell scary stories about...I will rock on my front porch and watch as they scitter nervously past the end of my long lane, backpacks bobbing in their haste to escape the range of vision of my wizened, beady eyed glare......

just kidding...I'm fond of children and will give them ice cream.

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